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Jana M Rupnow, LPC

30 episodes

Jun 27, 2021

Olivia Montuschi Shares a Lifetime of Experience as a Parent through Donor Conception 

Olivia Montuschi, co-founder of the Donor Conception Network in England, has over 35 years of experience as a parent to donor-conceived children and is the author of several resources for parents. 

Olivia shares her personal story as well as the story of how the @d_c_network was  born. 

In this episode, she shares valuable perspectives from her interviews with donor conceived teenagers. Their perspectives were included in her latest book, Continuing the Conversation which is available for purchase through @d_c_network. 

Below are my comments on her latest publication:

Continuing the Conversation, Talking with Young People and Adults 12 yrs and Up, is an invaluable resource for families with donor conceived teenagers and young adults. Applying over 35 years of experience as a parents of DC children plus interviews with 21 donor conceived teenagers, Olivia Montuschi and Jane Ellis provide readers “a look ahead” at this crucial stage of child development. Montuschi and Ellis describe common challenges and mistakes that parents of teens make, while navigating the shifting and sometimes disorienting dynamics in the parent child relationship. In addition to learning how to engage in conversation with their teens during time when teens are naturally pulling away, readers will learn more about unique issues donor conceived adolescents face as they search for genetic kin, take a DNA test for the first time or begin dating. 

  Continuing the Conversation is an answer to the most common question parents ask me, “What will my child feel?” DC teens and adults offer direct advice to parents, on topics such as privacy, supporting their search and having uncomfortable conversations with them. As pioneers and leaders in the DC community, the DC network continues to address real issues, normalizing the challenges teens with disconnected genetic ties may face, so they don’t have to face them alone, but with their parents by their side.    Jana M. Rupnow, LPC Author, Three Makes Baby-  How to Parent Your Donor Conceived Child


Apr 21, 2021

Announcing International Donation Conception Awareness Day- April 27 

April 27, 2021 is the first International Donor Conception Awareness Day. Twenty-five partners around the world collaborated to bring you this day and the intentions behind it. Go to for more and participate on the day by posting on your social media accounts on April 27, 2021.  Listen to an interview with Jana Rupnow and Michelle of Donor Concierge to learn more about this new awareness day. See the partners below  

Jana Rupnow &

Three Makes Baby Podcast

Cassandra Adams

Fertility Circle

Camille Guaty

Happy Together Children's Book

Donor Conception Canada

Egg Donation Australia


The LGBT Mummies Tribe

Tulip Fertility 

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Donor Conception Network

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Donor Concierge

Fertility Coach- Meta Getman


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  Intentions of #IDCAD
  • The day is intended to shed a light on families made in different ways due  to medical infertility, chromosomal impairments, childhood or young  adult cancer, and various other reasons and lifting shame and secrecy  around the topic.
  • The day is about raising  awareness about donor conceived individual’s experiences across the  lifespan, including the topic of access to genetic information and lifting shame and secrecy around the topic.
  • The day is intended to raise awareness about LGBTQ family building
  • The day is about raising awareness about donor’s rights to receive accurate  medical information and education on the impact of donor conceived  triad across the lifespan. 



Dec 2, 2020

BONDING WITH BABY VISUALIZATION from Three Makes Baby Audiobook 

Enhance your bonding and attachment to your baby by using this visualization before or during pregnancy.

Three Makes Baby Audiobook, Exercise #12, is narrated by the author, Jana Rupnow, and will help you to overcome any obstacles making it more challenging for you to bond with your baby.

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