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46 episodes

May 13, 2021

The Discipline of Self Care with Kitty Shum – May 13, 2021 

Self-care is about priorities, boundaries, and finding purpose so you can live life to the fullest. As a Therapist, Kitty Shum’s dedication to this cause propelled her to launch Loti Wellness as a symbolic and practical reminder that self-care is more than grooming products and a trending topic. Genuine self-care is about feeling good from the inside out & self discovery.
On this week’s Startup Women Podcast, Kitty discusses how the wellness industry has evolved, practical insights to support your own mental health, and how leveraging trusted partners like PayPal has given her business the trust and credibility it’s needed to scale.
Kitty Shum is an Occupational Therapist who has been practicing psychotherapy for over 10 years. A primary focus of Occupational Therapy is to help people achieve balance and independence in daily life activities, and to enable them to do the things they want and need to do. Kitty has always been an advocate of genuine self-care – body, mind and soul. Through the use of strategies based in positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy, individuals can learn ways to cope with the mental, emotional and psychosocial challenges that are a part of everyday life.
Kitty is the founder and CEO of Loti Wellness, a curated monthly subscription box packed with wellness products aimed at nurturing positivity and joy through research-inspired therapeutic activities to enhance mental and emotional health while providing wellness products to encourage more time for self-care.  
“Self-care is not just a luxury or a trend, but really a necessary component of your mind, body, and soul.” 
The Startup Women Podcast is sponsored by the
Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank.

May 6, 2021

Creativity in the Arts and Entrepreneurship with Nadia Lloyd – May 6, 2021 

Tapping into your creative side can be key to finding solutions for your venture. Creator and artist Nadia Lloyd believes to truly explore your creativity, platforms like PayPal are needed to save you time and worry. 
Nadia first started painting in 2010 after making the decision to sell her fitness business and take some time off. From the very start, Nadia found herself painting abstract art and the Toronto skyline. In 2012, she started printing her art on various fabrics in hopes of making her art more accessible, affordable, and functional. Before she knew it, she was a full fledged designer with over 27 home decor and fashion accessory products on the market.
When the pandemic began, Nadia recognized the need for PPE and started sewing face masks by repurposing cushion covers from her collection. Within months, the mask collection (including pride themed masks and Toronto themed Black Lives Matter masks) had become a hit – garnering recognition from Toronto’s Mayor John Tory and the Toronto Raptors. 
“Creativity is how I plan my future. Creativity is how I solve problems. Creativity is how I grow my business.”
On this week’s StartupWomen Podcast, sponsored by the
Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Nadia discusses the importance of trusting your gut, visual and digital storytelling, and the creative process needed in both art and entrepreneurship.

Apr 29, 2021

Farming for Impact with Kara Enright – April 29, 2021 

From the mouths they feed to the communities they support, farmers across Canada make an incredible impact everyday – just ask Kara Enright, Co-Founder and farmer at Enright Cattle Company!
Kara Enright was raised on her family farm located just outside of Tweed, Ontario. Kara was always very passionate about farming and decided to pursue an education in Agriculture at the University of Guelph. She graduated with both a diploma in Agriculture and a degree in Animal Science.  She then accepted a position as a beef nutritionist covering Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, spending five years with the feed company. During that time, Kara married her high school sweetheart, Darold Enright. They decided to purchase a farm a couple concessions south of her family’s. A few years later, she and Darold started a family with the birth of their first son Corben, who is now eleven and their daughter Evelyn who is now 6. 
In addition to working at the farm and the abattoir, marketing and building the Enright brand, Kara is very involved in promoting Canadian beef. She is a director of the Hastings County Cattlemen’s Association and has also served on the board of the Canadian Simmental Association and the Ontario Simmental Association. And if any more evidence were needed that Kara truly represents today’s modern farmer, ask her about the time she jumped into a beaver pond to retrieve one of her most essential pieces of equipment – her iPhone!  
“When you buy from a local farm, you’re influxing cash into the rural economy. By supporting local business, it really keeps our rural communities going.”
On this week’s StartupWomen Podcast, sponsored by the
Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Kara discusses consumer responsibility and education, the ins-and-outs of sustainable cattle farming, and her rural story.

Apr 22, 2021

Rural Entrepreneurship: A Community Building Tool with Abby Pond – April 22, 2021 

For founders, a strong connection to one’s community can make all of the difference in finding success. Abby Pond, CEO of Queen of Cups Lingerie Inc., believes that healthy rural communities and strong local startup ecosystems go hand-in-hand.
Abby Pond is the founder and CEO of Queen of Cups Lingerie Inc., launched in 2016. She builds custom-fit lingerie for people that are as individual as the products she makes. She is a passionate community builder- one of the founders of Startup St. Stephen in 2017 and town councillor from 2014-2016. She is a board member of the St Stephen and Area Chamber of Commerce and Chair of Dialogue NB, helping to lead New Brunswick toward greater social cohesion. 
Her company completed the Summer Institute business accelerator program in 2019. She knows the rewards and challenges of starting and growing a business, because she is living the same experience and wants to make it easier for others around her. Her business was named Business of the Year by the St. Stephen Chamber of Commerce in 2019.
Creativity has been and continues to be a driving force in Abby’s life. She is a songwriter, musician, knitter, spinner, sewer, painter, and is always up for trying a new creative outlet. Abby is happiest when she is scheming strategically, drinking coffee and planning her next startup in her garden with her 10 year old and her menagerie of animals. 
“If you’re in a rural community, you need the people around you to support your business. You can’t thrive if your community isn’t thriving.”
On this week’s StartupWomen Podcast, sponsored by the
Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Abby discusses starting up a fashion venture in rural New Brunswick, empowering consumers through social responsibility, and the shortcomings of COVID-19 support for women founders.

Apr 8, 2021

Recovering From Economic Disaster with Angela Groenveld – April 8, 2021 

With Canadian SMEs representing over 50% of our national economy and providing much needed community support, small business recovery is at the top of everyone’s mind in our post-pandemic world. Angela Groenveld, Founder and CEO of EmergeAgency, is leading the way!
As one of the leading business and disaster recovery consultants in Canada, Angela Groeneveld credits her inner passion and core values to a piece of advice she received from her earliest role models: “Angela, walk tall and be strong, you are who you are.”
The simple yet profound wisdom of her parents, whose strength, confidence, and independence laid the groundwork for her entrepreneurial spirit, was directed towards a young woman full of doubts. However, like all good advice, it resounds because it expresses a universal message of hope, faith, and commitment to presenting your best possible self to the world.
 Angela loves helping entrepreneurs because she is one. Her vast experience ranges from the cattle industry to the fashion and health & wellness industries and beyond. There isn’t an area of business that she hasn’t achieved success in, both as a business owner and as a mentor and coach.
Angela’s unique insight has allowed her to assume a critical leadership position for governments and communities seeking effective economic and disaster recovery guidelines. As evidenced by her integral role in the aftermath the 2013 High River floods and the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfires, as well as the success of the ongoing recoveries of both communities, Angela’s passion and drive has helped countless businesses, organizations, and individuals to meet their challenges head-on and emerge more confident, disciplined, and stronger than ever before.  
“Do a business pulse test immediately – what are your physical and emotional limits right now. Sometimes it is just as successful to close the doors as to keep them open.”
On this week’s StartupWomen Podcast, sponsored by the
Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Angela discusses how we can better prepare for disasters, business recovery in rural ecosystems, and her change of heart with COVID-19.

Apr 1, 2021

Rural Reinvention with Shauna Rae – April 1, 2021 

We often assume urban centres are home to the most innovative, versatile business ecosystems. Shauna Rae, Communications and Project Coordinator for Community Futures Ontario and co-host of the Kitchen Confessionals Podcast, sees rural startup ecosystems as a hub for innovation and reinvention. 
Shauna Rae is currently the Communications and Project Coordinator at Community Futures Ontario. She is the co-host of the popular podcast, Kitchen Confessionals, which she and Leah Hunt started during the pandemic. Shauna currently writes a column for Business London Magazine called “The Broad Perspective” about women in the workplace. Her specialty is shedding light on shared, collective experiences. 
Before Community Futures, Shauna was tasked with raising the profile of the non-profit organization, the Southwest Economic Alliance and their Intelligent Region Project, building a case for accessible and affordable high-speed internet in rural, remote and under-serviced areas of Ontario. She has also worked with a number of nonprofit and for-profit organizations, in communications, community engagement and PR. 
Shauna is a graduate of the Journalism Broadcast program at Fanshawe College and she enjoyed a decade-long radio and television broadcasting career.
She is a member of Canadian Women in Communications and Technology, loves creative writing, tinkering with technology and is fascinated by the shifting landscapes of both journalism and social media. She grew up in a small town and now lives outside a small hamlet in Southwestern Ontario. Her interests lie in advocacy, and in action, in the pursuit of justice and empowerment for all.  
“Don’t put your worth in the hands of other people. Your values and the morals you bring to your own life are all that matter, nothing else.”
On this week’s StartupWomen Podcast, sponsored by the
Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Shauna discusses the art of reinvention, community-based journalism, and rural towns as a hub for innovation!

Mar 25, 2021

Finding Your Imperfect Balance with Michelle Lalonde – March 25, 2021 

The hustle mentality is deeply ingrained in the startup community, but at times it can take its toll on a founder’s confidence and mental health. Michelle Lalonde, president and chief growth officer of Tiber River Inc., thinks it’s all about finding your “imperfect balance”. 
With both a degree and diploma in business administration, Michelle has over 10 years of experience in corporate sales and marketing. Michelle partnered with Adriana De Luca in 2005 to rebrand and relaunch Tiber River. Tiber River offers customers natural, eco-friendly bath, body & home products free of phosphates, parabens, petroleums & palm oil. The company has a vision of there being a Tiber product in every home in the world. They also have goals of becoming a
B Corporation and being recognized as one of Canada’s Top Employers – and then every country’s Top Employer. 
Michelle has spent the past 16 years growing the business, focusing on increasing revenue, marketing initiatives, strategic direction and developing new sales channels.
“We need to realize we can do it all, but not all at the same time – and we need to be okay with that.”
On this week’s StartupWomen Podcast, sponsored by the Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Michelle discusses navigating Tiber River’s relaunch, the importance of personal values in business, and finding your imperfect balance!

Mar 18, 2021

Empowering Women in the Trades with Kendall Ansell – March 18, 2021 

Today, women account for only 4.5 per cent of skilled trades workers across Canada. Kendall Ansell, owner of Belle Construction, is trying to change that. 
Kendall has always believed that happiness starts at home. Growing up, she spent most of her weekends helping her Dad, a contractor, with family projects. This influenced and shaped her passion for exploring how people live, one nail and paint swatch at a time. It’s unsurprising that those childhood experiences developed into a promising career. 
Kendall studied architectural drafting at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, then completed the Interior Design Management Program at the BCIT. This background, coupled with her inclusive approach, allows Kendall to create homes and office spaces that really do bring her clients’ dreams to life. When she’s not being a Fairy Design mother, gender-smashing business owner, Kendall loves to spend time with her family, at home reading and cooking (between working on home projects of her own) or hiking and biking in BC’s beautiful outdoors.
“I got a text from a client saying her young boys were seriously impressed with our all-women team and that they now only used the term women when chatting about construction – that’s why we do what we do.”
On this week’s StartupWomen Podcast, sponsored by the
Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Kendall discusses her journey founding BC’s first women-lead construction company, the importance of bridging more women into the trades, and the many supports that are available.

Mar 11, 2021

Taking Action and Starting Up with Jess Mantell – March 11, 2021 

When gearing up to launch a venture, worry and perfectionism can prolong the process of opening the doors. Jess Mantell, Co-Founder of Abokichi, thinks the answer is easy – just start!
Jess Mantell is the co-founder of Abokichi, Inc., makers of the gold Sofi Award winning OKAZU miso chili oil sauce, and food-waste diverting instant miso soup. Jess grew up in a Toronto suburb, and earned a Bachelor of Design from York University and Sheridan College, and a  Masters in Media Design from Keio (Kayo) University in Tokyo. While in Japan, Jess worked as a graphic designer and reported on technology for The Japan Times newspaper; developed a fondness for trying new foods; and ultimately caught the entrepreneurship bug. 
Abokichi was born out of a desire to share some culinary delight with western consumers, and to create a company with super high standards of quality, customer service, employee satisfaction, and social responsibility. When not sitting at her desk with her Abokichi hat on, Jess enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, hiking, and playing with her toddler.
She was also recently recognized as a Changemaker as part of the Inniskillin Changemaker Initiative, in partnership with Startup Canada. 
“Just starting is critical – but do it lean. You don’t need to put thousands into a website or hire expensive consultants at the beginning.”
On this week’s StartupWomen Podcast, sponsored by the
Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Jess discusses the many pivots of Abokichi, her customer education journey, and the importance of taking action to start your entrepreneurial dream.

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