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Staying Alive in Paragliding

Stef Juncker

20 episodes

Jun 11, 2020

E49 Robbie Whittall- World hang & para champ, creative genius & now Isle of Mann TT racer! 

Recorded 16 May 2020 Robbie is quite simply a Legend. A very focused individual. Extremely modest for someone with so much success. Never been married, no kids and a man known for living on the edge... Always had, always will! Living in New Zealand now, into surf and kite, Robbie has lived, breathed and succeeded at free flight his whole career. Being hangliding world champ, then Paragliding world champ, then starting Ozone paragliding and now racing in probably the most dangerous race in the world....the Isle of Mann TT! Robbie lives a "simpler" life now. Designing kites for Ozone and part owning high end Foil company, Armstrong foils in Raglan, NZ. About moving to NZ with Matt Taggart. Learning to foil.. Not that easy... 4 days.. "U gotta pay to play!" How he got to race the TT.. His dad and motorcycles.. Great story! "Love racing bikes on roads.. It brings your focus right into the moment." "The herd society.. Jobs and lives due to indoctrination" Individuality and self discovery. About death and living your life to the full! Very strong life lessons. "Rather burn out than fade away" Tax the brain and body regularly Raglan.. Best waves in NZ. Progressive Town. Flexibly, the importance of stretching, meditation and body maintenance as we get older. "Turning off the 6 voices in my head" I can definitely feel the effects.. 30/40mins. Breathing excersises How organized religion and the standard schooling system is an indoctrination. Intriguing views. Democracy...? There could be a better way to this. "My good is the sun" On being opinionated. On how Corona Strengthed us. On money and greed.. "in not only greedy for experiences" Designing kites and speed wings for ozone. Malachi Templeton (sp) and Jamie Lee. Xc flying würg Rob Gillard Giving your all... What it takes Big balls and 300kmh round the Isle of Mann on the bike.. Control and Age Amazing and inspiring.. "My brother is my best friend.. He supported me through my difficult times.. I'm very dyslexic.. I couldn't read until I was 16!" anything is possibly.. Dedication. I want it so bad. Steps to take. Sports and being creative are where my efforts go How the schooling system is flawed. Achieving huge things. Surf calling at sunrise.. Worst hanglider... Airwave magic kisses (sp). Owens valley.. Mid 90s.. 14 days world champs.. Torn sail, rock tied to a wingtip. "I love rough conditions... But not on that wing! " Worst paraglider.. Firebird Cult proto.. Early days of sail shaping on a high aspect ratio wing! "I used to be an animal.. But in Chamonix in a comp, my heart was in my mouth the whole flight! It was like balancing on a gym ball.. Absolutely intense!" Amazingly delicious story! "Anything is possible..everything around you is created by a man's mind.. It opens up a world of opportunity.. " Go out and make anything your own reality Living in the moment.. Short and long term memory issues. Malachi Templeton (sp).. Unbelievable speedflying video

Jun 10, 2020

E48 Thomas Walder&Stefan Gruber.. Austrian Mountain goats! 325 FAI XC, Skywalk testing, Xalps etc 

Recorded 20 May 2020 Thomas and Stefan are xc cracks.. Tom held the world record fai triangle for ages. A 325km flight (still longest in Northern alps)! Stefan works for Skywalk, did Xalps and is an excellent comp pilot. They chat about the Zillertal (Ziller Valley in North Tyrol, Austria) where they live. Takeoff at 9am for the big days.. Strategy, about bombing out and Satisfaction discussed. How Tom flies very close to the mountain... But sometimes involuntarily landing on a high mountain, costing him in competitions. Stefan Gruber working at Skywalk.. Top secret news on the Cayenne 6. What is like to work for them and his what his job entails as test pilot. The cayenne 6..middle C Class glider.. 3 liner but flying like, and having characteristics of a 2 liner.... Very interesting! Really nice handling, thus being able to squeeze out more performance. Expected sales... Went u stayed with a 3 liner C class... VERY FUNNY Story about a gentlemens agreement at comps.. Stef vs Stefan How hike and fly is getting so wildly popular. Tom's proto 2 liner XC and Stefan's Enzo 3 comp gliders. Near misses and close calls. Tom's granada canyon story. Stefan 2015 Xalps ending story..funny now.. Not that funny then. Landing in the Monaco Royals' private zoo. Xalps discussion.. Too dangerous? How it could change.. Intriguing. Stefan.. Worst glider.. First Skywalk 2 liner proto way back then... Its first flight in Zillertal in Fohn conditions... Horrible! Tom's shitest glider.. Swing Core 3. Tin and I remember.. Fly 2 tandem business and when I broke most of the lines on a new bibeta 2 (or 3?) and threw my reserve for the first time. Top tips from Stefan.. Find a mentor to learn from and go fly with them a lot. Use a lower class glider... Tom on a big goal.. Fly over 300km fai... To be the first. He made It! On an Enzo 1...yay..(its the biggest flight made in the northern alps... Ever!) Plans for the future.. To break Chrigels 343 .

Jun 8, 2020

E46 Alex Booth-Very interesting flying podcast.. Extremely great advice on staying alive in flying.. 

Recorded 28 May 2020 Alex Booth is a chartered accountant that has owned and flown many helicopters, fix wings, Paragliders and Ppg. He is a husband, father of 3 boys and is a very passionate and experienced pilot. Based outside East London, the eastern cape of South Africa. Google images of this place.. Use words.. Transkei, drakensberg, wild coat. An excellent podcast filled with storytelling and inspiring tales of flying. Tons of tips and insights. From learning to fly with Tristan Burrell (podcast dedicated in memory of this legend) to R44s and turbine helicopters. Extremely great advice on staying alive in flying... Wow! Helicopter so near death experience! The widow maker powerlines. Too crazy and so many lessons in there. Incredibly interesting flying stories. Safety, the coast, how he met his wife... Brilliant storytelling all round! This man has owned several planes, helicopters, turbine and piston and currently flies the company bell jet ranger and Barron. He works as a chartered accountant and pilot for his company but has several kinds of flying right on his doorstep. He instructs paragliding in a brilliant, unique way and shares a wealth of knowledge with us. Keith Pickerskill and getting powered paraglider and flying paramotor tandem with my boys from my garden. How attitude matters. Instructing paragliding after just 3 years of being back in the sport.. Students with 28 flight in after a weekend... Yet fully on the safety! A Brilliant and unique Approach to instructing. Such a great winch system. Piloting in the game capture industry.. Flying over animals and darting them.. Very difficult industry right now. Paragliding... The bottom line.. Excellent discussion on this purest form of flying.. And why we love it so much. Essential potential life saving tips. DEFINITELY SEE ALEC'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL... AMAZING! MORE great resources.. Facebook - Kempston: Corporate video: Webpage: Miami Paragliding E-winch Alec Booth Youtube Channel Mini 500 Heli PPG with my boys Bell Jetranger that I fly Bell on WildCoast Rhino dehorning with Bell

Jun 4, 2020

E45 Emma Casanova.. Comp flying, Annecy and living a great life! 

Recorded 29 May 2020 Emma represents the UK in comps. A mom of two, Pwc pilot and estate agent, married to Steve and living in Annecy, France. We chat about the property market and flying in Annecy. Paradise.. A playground described. Anyone for a chateau..a bargain at 3,5million Euros Discussing the competition mindset. Emma has always been competitive. Started in 2009 and flying 6 to 9 comps per year. Having a rethink about that...! BPRA.. Good view on flying comps. Jocky Sanderson.. Sent her on first xc with just 12 hours of total airtime! "On the radio.. Pull in big ears... WHAT is big ears?" How much there is to learn in paragliding. Rus Ogden, Robbie Whittall and Judy Leden all discussed. Tips for safety, flying and comps. Don't beat yourself up after a bad task. Analyse your task. Fly your own task.. Know your instruments. Quiet and meditation before takeoff. How to pass 120 people... Pick them off.. Thermal markers. Calculate, be confident. Macedonia and krushevo.. Like a European Colombia.. Such a generous place. Such a great place! Any level can fly there. I love it! Great places to your own thing, fly your own flight.. Be safe. The herd mentality. Travel and flying, Japan discussed. Gliders flown.. The Gin leopard....niviuk and new x one. New models coming out! Bgd, 777, supair, the next best thing. About happiness Bummed about the superfinal was canceled. Finally the funny pee story!

May 31, 2020

E44 Russell Ogden - Unbelievably great podcast from world champ.. Superb flying mind and thoughts. 

Recorded 27 April 2020 Rus is a family man, generous and patient. Head test pilot at Ozone and big champion! Brilliant insights in everything from Xc vs Comp flying to how fortunate we are to do this thing.. Lockdown it's economic, environmental and other effects How I joined ozone. How instructors have a shelf life of 7-10 years. Career structures changing Raised expectations. Trance and flying. Why we fly.. "flow state" "In touch with nature" "the texture of the air" We are first generation to ever do that. "So many magic moments. Swifts zinging around you.. A Layer of contentedness" 10 day free on Headspace app for meditation.. Hypnosis - what it is, who can and cannot be hypnotised, how it works. Fear and how to handle it. Risk reward, the Isle of man TT, Robbie whittal Gliders have become safer, but pilots haven't. The danger age... 50-100hours flying! Porterville, South Africa and all our undiscovered flying places. Bike and fly! Podcast in memoriam and dedicated to Lars-Anders Jonsson from Sweden. Death and how it's part of comp flying. Chabre open comp format... LOWER LEVEL COMPETITION.. A must do! Coaching, analysis, learn lessons.. Learn a LOT in these.. , Gin wide open and BGD weightless competitions. How comps have changed.. A deep look into this! "In thoroughly addicted to this beautiful game of comps!" Top 3 travel flying places and why.. St Andre, Chelan, Krushevo, Macedonia. Other top places... Sun valley Idaho, krushevo, Colombia, krushevo and the UK. "I enjoy flatland more as I grow up..the unpredictable element.. Too good!" There's good flying everywhere.. "The world "was" our oyster! " How blessed we are to fly Hi to South African pilots

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