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Feb 23, 2021

The Intersection of Black Culture and Horticulture with Colah B Tawkin from Black in the Garden 

In honour of Black History Month, this week's episode of The Grow Guide is focused on black culture. We're honoured to have Colah B. Tawkin, host and founder of the podcast, Black in the Garden, join us to shed some light on why biodiversity in media is just as important as it is in nature (interview begins at 00:18:30). Colah challenges us to think outside of the white narrative gardening media often presents. We discuss her background as a gardener,  the lack of representation and diversity in gardening, and some of the amazing guests she's had on her podcast. In a very fun round of Rapid Fire, Colah recommends her favourite black-owned gardening brands, influencers and podcasts. See all Colah's recommendations and resources mentioned throughout the show linked below.

Colah's Recommendations:

The Read Podcast 

The New Jim Crow book

Civil Rights Leader Fanny Lou Hamer

The Plant Kiki - Colah's Other Podcast

Plant Expert: Derek, The Chocolate Botanist

Instagram Follows: Christopher @plantkween  and Niyya @thebloomjourney

Hemp Farmer: Green Heffa Farms, Farmer Cee

Black-Owned Seed Company: Seed Mail Seed Co

BIPOC-Hosted Gardening Podcast: The Plant Nook and Black Plant Chick 

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Maggie's Fav Thing: Seedling Heat Mat 

Dave's Fav Thing: Poppy Seeds

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Feb 16, 2021

Plant Partners: Science-Based Companion Planting with Jessica Walliser 

Maggie and Dave catch up this week while surviving the Polar Vortex of 2021 with temperatures in Manitoba dropping to -45°C! Despite the frigid temps, things feel warm and cozy on the pod. Maggie shares about the lesson her dieffenbachia (dumbcane plant) has taught her after happily living in water for the past three years. Dave's favorite thing is something he's looking forward to growing this Spring, Gai Lan Broccoli. A listener question about the basics of seed starting sparks a conversation about soil selection, seeding and planting out dates. And in this week's segment of Plant Science Minute (or two!), Dave covers the process of apaical dominance and why pruning your plants supports new growth. Then, American author and horticulturalist, Jessica Walliser joins the pod (interview begins at 00:24:30) to break down the science behind companion planting. Jessica shares some of the research found while writing her new book, Plant Partners: Science-Based Companion Planting Strategies for the Vegetable Garden.

Find Jessica's book anywhere books are sold, contact your local book store to purchase a copy.

Learn more about our guest, Jessica Walliser

The Farmer's Almanac Find Your Zone App (Maggie references during Question of the Week).

Dieffenbachia Plant Care 101 YouTube video by Planterina.

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Jan 19, 2021

Episode 100!! Featuring Our Grow Guide Listeners 

We're celebrating our 100th episode in the only way we know how, talking about plants! Thank you for all the support over the years, we're so proud of what The Grow Guide has become and ready to bring you more great content in 2021. We kick off today's episode with a walk down memory lane, remembering some of our fav moments (episodes discussed linked below). Maggie and Dave then share their fav things before getting into a review of Niki Jabbour's newest book, Growing Under Cover; Techniques for a more productive, weather-resistant, pest-free vegetable gardenIn the second half of the show, listeners Katie, Xander and Vanessa join the pod, sharing about their unique grow zones, upcoming gardening plans, and some of their own gardening advice. Cheers to another 100 episodes!

Past Episodes We Talk About:

Composting Organizations Xander Discusses:


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Nov 3, 2020

Zone Pushing Your Edible Garden with Meg Cowden from Seed to Fork 

On this week's episode, Maggie and Dave are joined by Zone 4b American grower, Meg Cowden, the blogger behind Seed to Fork. Meg shares about her inspiring approach to gardening and how to embrace a mindset that positions cold climate gardening as a strength. Topics covered in this episode: growing nuts, prepping the garden for Fall, soil blocks for seed starting, peat moss, grow lights, seedling care, using row covers, frost hardy plants, root cellars, cover crops, seed providers for cold climates, and unusual edibles that "zone push."

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