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May 27, 2021

Outdoor Spaces | Firepits 

In this episode we’re gonna be talking about outdoor living spaces. Some people have decks, some have really nice patios and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a pool, but it’s just a really nice gathering spot. We’re going to focus a lot on the firepit because this can just provide such a great place where everyone can be together next to the warm cosy fire, under the night sky and get into deeper conversations, building lasting memories. We discuss putting the fireplace next to your pool and creating a nice spot outside of shade for those times when you want to be outside watching the kids, but not in the hot sun.

A project we worked on 3:52
Different firepits and s’mores 7:28
Shading 11:23
A fun place to have the fireplace 13:44
Dealing with bees 20:36
Altitude and quality metals 24:53

“Last Summer was quarantine, right? And so we were like, ‘We have to get out of the house. We have to have some sort of outside experience.’ and so that’s what we did. We bought a firepit, it was a propane one, dug the–you know what I mean? We made it look as best as we could and it was awesome, and we loved it. So we were like, ‘ever Summer this is what we’re doing. Covid, no Covid. Firepit.’” 2:04
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May 20, 2021

Textures | Selecting the Right Finish 

Today we're talking about using different textures, which is especially interesting in any room where you’re doing furnishings. Something that at times is overused is shiplap which we discuss, as well as using too much of one thing. Many people may not realize that velvet can be dry and so we discuss other textures with dry or wet looks. People used to style their homes with all whites, but now approaching texture is like picking out your outfit. You don’t want to wear a blue shirt with blue jeans, but wear something that will go with those jeans.

Is there such a thing as too many textures? 3:44
Fabrics 5:15
Velvet 9:11
Any one texture within an entire space 15:59
Rug 17:54
Textures feeling more formal 21:01

“Be aware that textures can feel more formal. We wanna make sure and not have the room feel cheap by using certain satins or certain velvets that don’t look good. You’ve seen it at Home Goods, you know, in the isle. Those little chairs that have the satiny velvet. It’s too thin and it’s the wrong color, and the legs are usually too long and it just kinda looks like a nervous piece in the room. Yeah, it’s not going to be doing you any favors.” 21:06
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May 7, 2021

Pool Houses Trailer 

May 6, 2021

Trend Forecast | The Future of Style 

We are going to be talking about the Spring market trend forecast. We feel that everybody is ready for rejuvenation, to understand what’s new or trending, and where we are going with designs and styles. We tend to stay away from things that are highly trendy, so the things we suggest in this episode will only be somewhat trendy. We talk about switching from an OG edge to a straight edge, and then the importance of fluting and reeding on your tables, chairs, or banisters. We recommend high styling, or using high quality products instead of a larger quantity of less expensive, or valuable items to keep your space a little more minimalistic and less cluttered.

Take your own taste into consideration 2:36
From OG edge to a straight edge 6:30
Fluting and reeding 8:39
Color blocking 12:00
High styling accessories 15:54
Entertainment spaces 18:54
Luxe minimalism 19:57
Martyn Lawrence Bullard on trends for 2021 27:22

“It’s so busy, and that’s everywhere in the market. Everyone is slammed on home projects and house building and remodels because that staying in is so, so true, and we all realized how important our homes were. Not to us, but to our families, to our kids. That environment is so critical to our happiness and how we live.” 19:19
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Apr 29, 2021

Past Cool Unique Spaces | Distinctive Designs We Have Done 

Everybody’s asking about cool different spaces that we’ve designed such as past projects, so that’s what we want to talk about today. We’re doing a unique home for a Sikh family who have an aromatic kitchen, which is an area containing various potent spices that give off many different smells. The family entertains a lot, so they have the need for many large containers where they can store big amounts of food for guests and events. We did a home where the owner wanted to put a Hobbit home on the property and make it a part of their whole structure, so we created a long tunnel underground and made a unique layout, which turned out to be really fun for them. Closets are often unique spaces that people will want us to design based on their own lifestyles and we did one that felt like a treehouse, using paints and constructing it in such a way that it felt a lot bigger and open than it actually was.

Designing a home for a Sikh family 1:28
Aromatic kitchen 2:22
Shoe storage 6:21
Dallas Texas home 10:57
Hobbit house 13:05
The glam room 14:52
Tatami room 17:32
Closets 20:38
A game room for an NBA player 25:03

“People are changing the way that they work, and so she has a huge closet. The builder has told us that women in Dallas never wear the same thing twice, so if you can imagine, you need 365 outfits to house these closets. So they’re as big as kitchens today, and then on the opposite side of her closet is her office. And so she can walk right in there and take a Zoom call, look fabulous, you know? Or sit down there in the evening and she doesn’t have to run down a flight of stairs to sit in a more formal office, so we just combined all of that space right into one.” 16:50
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