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20 episodes

Jun 30, 2020

Decluttering: the way to a low impact life, with Shelina Jokhiya 


Shelina Jokhiya

Founder, DeCluttr Me Host, the DeCluttr Me podcast

A lot of people think of decluttering as merely cleaning up or getting rid of things but not many understand its link with living a low impact life. When someone else uses something we get rid of, it reduces their consumption and impact just as much as our own. And as we consume less, we need fewer cupboards, shelves, boxes and even smaller living spaces.

This week, we’re joined by Shelina Jokhiya, Founder of DeCluttr Me, the UAE’s first licensed professional decluttering service, and the Host of the DeCluttr Me podcast. We talked about basic decluttering concepts, how to deal with e-waste and the harmful impacts if this is not disposed properly as well as the more emotional downsides of clutter that we should all be aware of.


Jun 16, 2020

On a mission to empower one million Arab women, with Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah 


Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah

Founder, Intisar Foundation

This week, we’re joined by Her Highness Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah, a princess of the royal AlSabah family of Kuwait. Sheikha Intisar is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, author and columnist. She believes in using her knowledge, experience and personal discoveries to inspire people to look, feel and do better and is now on a mission to empower one million Arab women.

In 2013 she launched Alnowair, the first GCC non-profit working with schools to improve well-being among children through positive psychology. This year the program has covered 11,600 children so far. And in 2017 she launched the Intisar Foundation, which works with with NGOs in Jordan and Lebanon to offer drama therapy to women affected by war and female victims of violence.

May 26, 2020

Beauty without Cruelty, with Leena Al Abbas 


Leena Al Abbas

Founder & CEO, The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge

As we all continue to deal with the impacts of the restrictions in place to control the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, we’d like to encourage you to support your local businesses at this time in any way possible—whether it is ordering from them, donating to them, sharing their information to help spread the word, as some businesses are offering buying their services upfront at a discount for when they eventually open.

One such business is Organic Glow, the UAE’s first organic and all-vegan salon that opened nearly 10 years ago. Listen in for how she got started as well as her advice on various harsh chemicals we are exposed to in our day-to-day lives.

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