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Ain't It Hard Keeping It So Hardcore


This week Dr. Tanvi Madan joins the ladies to explain the brewing crisis between India and Pakistan in Kashmir. Then Radha breaks down last week’s trade negotiations with China (what really is an MOU anyway and what happened to our leverage?). We revisit Venezuela as the Vice President prepares for a trip to the region and then discuss the humanitarian and policy implications of the “ISIS wives.” White House Mayhem lives up to its name with uncoordinated Syria policies, rogue nuclear reactor deals, and sad faces in Munich. We’re all enjoying the many escapes offered by Pop Culture.   Links   Kashmir Emily Lalwani and Emily Tallo, "Driver, Decision, Deilemmas: Understanding the Kashmir Crisis and Its Implications," War on the Rocks Sumit Ganguly, "Narendra Modi Should Calm Tensions in Kashmir Rather Than Inflame Them," Foreign Policy It's Aghast Bob Davis, "Officials Play Down Apperance of Rift Between Trump and Lighthizer on Trade," Wall Street Journal "US and China Are Sketching the Outlines of a Deal to End the Trade War," CNBC KUFR Venezuela  Dennis Romero, "Venezuela's Maduro Cuts Ties with Colombia Amid Border Conflict," NBC News ISIS women Meghna Chakrabarti, "Return from ISIS: American Women Want Out of Extremism," WBUR "The Difficult Diplomacy Involved in Returning Former ISIS Fighter and Their Families," Washington Post Vira Mironova "Is the Future of ISIS Female?" New York Times Jayne Huckerby, "When Women Become Terrorists," New York Times White House Mayhem Syria "White House Will Keep About 400 Troops in Syria, Reversing Previous Decision," NPR Saudi Nuclear tech "Multiple Whistleblowers Raise Grave Concerns with White House Efforts to Transfer Sensitive U.S. Nuclear Technology to Saudi Arabia," Oversight Alex Ward, "House Dems Reveal. New Info on a Shady White House Plan to Sell Nuclear Tech to Saudi Arabia," Vox "The Hostility Toward Foreign Policy Community, Explained," Washington Post Munich Thomas Wright, "The Moment the Transatlantic Charade Ended," Atlantic Daniel Estrin, "Munich Security Conference Reveals A Growing Rift Between U.S. and Its Allies," NPR Produced by Tre Hester


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