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Dr. Len Kravitz - The Science of HIIT


Over the past thirty years if you have taken a group fitness class or worked with a personal trainer then you have already been influenced by Dr. Len Kravitz. Dr. Kravitz is the Program Coordinator for the Department of Exercise Science at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque; in addition, he has spent numerous decades traveling the world to teach the science of exercise to personal trainers and group fitness instructors at conferences and fitness industry education events. Dr. Kravitz is a hands-on researcher with the ability to share his extensive knowledge of exercise physiology in an engaging manner that is easy to understand. On this episode, Len talks about the science of HIIT which is the subject of his recently published book: HIIT Your Limit: High Intensity Interval Training for Fat Loss, Cardio and Full Body Health Our conversation includes the numerous mistakes that are often made and what you can do to ensure optimal results from your HIIT workouts. FOLLOW THIS LINK to Listen to a previous episode of All About Fitness where Dr. Kravitz explains the science of fat burning. Learn from Dr. Len Kravitz, Pete McCall and many other international fitness experts at the 2019 IDEA World Convention in Anaheim, CA from June 26-30. Listen to the full episode for a special discount code. When I'm starting to research a new article or workshop idea, one of my first stops is Dr. Len's articles page - RIGHT HERETo learn more about HIIT, pick up a copy of Dr. Kravitz's book and if you want to know about all of the other exercises that can help you enjoy a successful aging process, then invest in a copy of:Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple My 15+ years of experience in educating personal trainers can help you understand how to do the exercises that can add years to your life.To see the types of exercises that can help enhance your quality of life, follow me on Instagram:@PeteMcCall_fitness Visit the sponsors of All About Fitness:TerraCore Fitness - Voted 1 of the top at-home fitness products by Men's Health! Use code AAF to save on the purchase of a Terra Corehttps://www.terracorefitness.comSandbells and Softbells by Hyperwear - 1 of the most versatile and effective products, featured in my book Smarter Workouts - Sandbells and Softbells can deliver an extensive variety of fitness results! Use code AAF10 to save 10% on the purchase of any Hyperwear product. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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