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“I had a tiny violin around here somewhere…” Nice Games Bulletin!


Extra! Extra! Hear all about it! It's another Nice Games Bulletin... Join us in the Nice Games Clubhouse/Newsroom to hear the latest and greatest news from the video game world. Mortho makes a return (and another and another), Stephen doesn't want to say "git gud," (but...), Mark wants to press all the buttons, and (STOP THE PRESSES!) Martha likes board games now. Recent releases * "Risk Of Rain 2’s real monster is capitalism, not the ravenous alien horde" - William Hughes, AV Club Games * “Needle Felting Gives Us All the Feels” - Ashley Little, Bluprint * “Islanders is a bite-sized palate cleanser of a civilization builder” -  Cass Marshall, Polygon * “‘Super Mario Odyssey’ and ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ are both getting VR support” - Jacob Siegal, BGR * Labo VR kit launches April 12th, Mario/Zelda support coming April 25th. * “The Division 2 has a lot to say, but it’s very hard to hear over all the gunfire” - Charlie Hall and Cass Marshall, Polygon * Martha mentioned a GDC talk about the UI in the first Division game. That talk is available for free on the GDC vault, here. * In related news, this week a lot of new free content from GDC 2019 became available on the GDC vault: [0:10:02] News * “She Invented a Board Game With Scientific Integrity. It’s Taking Off.” - Siobhan Roberts, The New York Times * “Wingspan review: A gorgeous birding board game takes flight” - Aaron Zimmerman, Ars Technica * Speaking of board games, Minnesota developer Leder Games just made 1.7 million dollars(!!!) on Kickstarter for “Root: The Underworld Expansion.” * “EA Lays Off 350 People In Marketing, Publishing, And More” - Jason Schreier, Kotaku * “How BioWare's Anthem Went Wrong” - Jason Schreier, Kotaku * “BioWare Boss Addresses Studio Issues, Vows To 'Continue Working To Solve Them'” - Jason Schreier, Kotaku * “All the latest details on the new Borderlands game” - Harry Shepherd, PCGamesN * “Borderlands 3 On PC Is Exclusive To Epic Games Store Until Early 2020” - Tamoor Hussain, Gamespot * “Review-bombed Borderlands 2 is the first to have user scores thrown out by Steam” -  Owen S. Good, Polygon * “Lawsuit alleges Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford improperly si...


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