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EP 340: Spring Bear Hunting with Steve Howard of Born and Raised Outdoors


Spring Hunting season is finally upon us or least very very close. Spring bear hunting has exploded in popularity in the last few years and for good reason. Not only a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors but a great way to help manage the growing bear populations, and fill the freezer with some great sausage meat. In this episode, I am joined by Steve Howard of Born and Raised Outdoors to talk about Spring bear tips and tactics. Steve is a very accomplished bear hunter who seems to punch his tag on a giant boar year in and year out. Steve spends most of his time hunting the coastal range of South West Oregon and has some truly great info and experience for all of those looking to hunt in coastal areas. Having said that there is definitely a lot of carryover to other regions for anyone looking to spot and stalk bears in the spring months this year. If you did not draw a spring bear tag this season but still want to go, I suggest you check out this OTC Bear Tag article that goHUNT did as it is a great resource to get you started on where to go. When you sign up to become a goHUNT Insider with the promo code TRO you are not only helping support the show but you also get $50 of in-store credit to use on all kinds of backcountry gear. Show Notes:  Introduction & SW Oregon Bears – 0:04:19 Early Spring Season – 0:07:40 Changing Tactics when Behavior Changes – 0:12:33 Terrain, Food Sources, & Scent Awareness – 0:18:36 Bear Activity: Times of the Day & Weather – 0:27:01 Field Judging Bear Size – 0:32:33 Calibers, Shot Placement, & Tracking – 0:39:11 Den Locations & Territories – 0:50:02 Why Bow Hunters Rifle Hunt Bears – 0:55:53 Gear Advice for Spring Season – 1:00:11 Bear Capes – 1:01:13 Born & Raised Outdoors on Youtube – 1:04:26 Today’s podcast is brought to you by another new sponsor I am excited to share with to you guys. Another great guy right here in Bozeman, Razco Holsters has the perfect pistol holster for the outdoorsman. The Razco Holster is designed to keep your firearm on you and within reach at all times. If you hunt in grizzly country you know things are getting mighty dangerous these days. The Razco Holster is designed to mount right to your bino harness and can mount to pretty much any bino harness out there. Here is what I love about the holster, I ran this setup all season last year and the nice thing about having your gun mounted on your chest is that you always have it. The problem with having your gun on our belt is that it is constantly weighing down your belt or rubbing on the brush and making excessive noise. The down downside to attaching your gun to the waist belt on your pack is that half the time you set your pack down to sneak in on an elk. The Razco holster keeps it right there ready to rock, and if nothing else gives me the piece of mind. Weatherproof, comfortable, and has a lifetime warranty, go get yourself a Razco Holster at and use promo code TRO to save yourself 20% off. If you have not yet, go check out our Patreon page head over to there you will get full access to an extra podcast every week, either a Muley Monday or Wapiti Wednesday, ad-free listening to every podcast, Q&A’s and much more. We also have a new tier that includes a badass swag pack and Backcountry Fuel Box. Check it out and thank you so so so much to all of you who are patrons of the podcast it really does mean the world to me.


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