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EP 342: Walt Miller


I may be biased but I tend to enjoy regular conversations with old-timers like Walt. Walt has been one of my hunting mentors since I was a little kid and I have always loved listening to him and his friends recount tails of the one that got away. While visiting family in Oregon I had to swing by to say hi and drop off a great book he lent me called One with the Wilderness by Mike Mitten. Walt has been on a couple of time throughout the years, but usually with his partner in crime Dave Brinker. Today was just me at Walt, we talk about all kinds of stuff, from when Walt had a fish hatchery in his backyard to some of the books that have shaped his life. We also talk a bit of elk hunting and Walt shares some old time stories as well. At 72 years young Walt has seen a lot over the years and I always enjoy sitting down with a fresh pot of coffee to BS with him. Enjoy, Show Notes:  Introduction – 0:04:07 Trad Bow Talk – 0:07:47 Evolution of a Hunter – 0:16:04 Talkin Fish – 0:32:46 Walts Hatchery & Native Salmon – 0:38:00 The Old Bow Hunter by Chet Stevenson 0:47:06 Hunt Talk: Goals, Luck, Solo – 0:49:18 Talkin Books & Walt’s Recommendations – 0:53:46 A Discussion on “The Silent Elk”- 0:59:41 Finding Elk On & Off Season Areas – 1:08:56 Closing Thoughts – 1:15:18 Today’s podcast is brought to you by On X the best freaking mapping system out there. I am blown away at how many people still don’t have it. This time of year I spend hours upon hours scouting with my On X maps. With tag draws in full swing it is 100% about getting a good tag and a big piece of getting a good tag is figuring out if you can find a hidden gem. Finding that spot where you can get away from people. That’s why I spend hours combing through the maps. My favorite feature this time of year besides the public-private mapping is the ability to switch form topo to satellite view, or even hybrid. I find certain features are more noticeable when I switch back and forth. I have also set about 10,000 waypoints on my maps marking everything that even remotely looks interesting. The cool part about that is that when I scout with my desktop all of those spots are automatically on my iPhone so when I go to the field I can save my maps and have all of that info. If you don’t have On X you are missing out check it out wherever you get your apps and use the TRO code to get 20% off your membership. Today’s podcast is brought to you by Backcountry Fuel. It is that time again, time to start stocking up the food stash in prep for hunting season. If you have been thinking about signing up now is the time there are only 5 or 6 boxes between now and archery season. So if you plan to stock up the time to start preparing for season is now not the week before season. I may be biased because it is my box but I love getting the box because first and foremost I now always have snacks and bars when Kels and I go for a hike or off on a trip. I have also found so many cool products from the box, and really that is why I started it. I would always see cool new products on Instagram but would never take the time to order each one or try them out. I’m telling you sign up, you’re gonna love it and if you don’t there is zero commitment, don’t like it just cancel. We are so confident you are gonna like it we don’t have to trick you into some 6 month deal. Head over to and use the TRO code to get 10% off.


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