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EP 348: How to Go From a 101 to 201 Level Elk Hunter


In this podcast, we did something a little bit different. Jaden is one on my full-time employees, being that we both hunt all the time we end up talking about hunting quite a bit. Jaden has been struggling to punch his first elk tag so naturally, he is always picking my brain as he is bound and determined that this is the year of the elk. We thought we should just hit record on one of our regular conversation about elk, elk hunting, and various thoughts on certain gear. Hopefully, this podcast is helpful to a lot of you and I know many of the listeners are in very similar shoes as Jaden. Let us know what you think! Show Notes:  Introduction – 0h 3m 12s Confidence & Planning for Success – 0h 10m 12s Strategies & Tactics for Early Season Elk – 0h 23m 25s Roads Can Be Your Friend Too – 0h 35m 42s Skill & Knowledge vs. Quality Unit – 0h 39m 48s Qty & Quality: Getting to the Next Level – 0h 42m 39s At What Point Should You Invest in Gear – 0h 51m 16s Boots, a Needle in a Haystack – 57m 53s0h 3m 12s If you are a fan of the rich outdoors podcast, you are probably into hunting you might even do a bit of Backcountry Hunting. If that’s the case check out Backcountry Fuel Box. Backcountry Fuel Box is all about helping you find new meals and snacks to make your backcountry trips more enjoyable. When you sign up, each month you get a box full of new Meals, Snacks, Bars and all kinds of food goodies from all different companies to test out and try. We also offer great discounts so when you find the things you like you can stock up. Now is a great time to sign up as hunting season is fast approaching. Head over to and get signed up with the code TRO and you’ll save 10%. There is zero obligation what so ever, you can cancel anytime! I tell you what if you sign up and don’t love your first box I’ll even refund you for the box. GO HERE Big thanks to goHUNT for being a podcast supporter. If you guys are not a goHUNT Insider yet you should probably get on that. If you are a total hunting nerd like me and geek out over finding tags you can get then you can literally spend hours searching and scanning with the filtering tools. If you are a total nub to hunting then this will help you immensely. Not Only do they break everything down and show you how to apply but you can also get a huge head start on where to start looking, even for just OTC tags. On top of all that it is the best place to shop for all your gear. Use the TRO code when you sign up to get $50 of in-store credit when you sign up. 


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