Connecting with your true self through presence with Richard Moss

Nov 10, 2022

On today’s episode, I speak with Richard Moss – an internationally respected leader in the field of inner transformation, subtle body-mind dynamics, and living a path of conscious relationships.

In 1977 Richard was a practicing medical doctor when he experienced a spontaneous spiritual illumination that awakened him to the multi-dimensional nature of human consciousness.
This realization profoundly transformed his understanding of the roots of emotional suffering, and inspired him to explore the almost limitless human potential for growth and healing.
He has published 7 seminal books including Inside-Out Healing: Tranforming Your Life Through the Power of Presence, and more - on his visionary approach to human evolution which have been translated into 6 languages.
We talk about the following and so much more.
✅ What presence means
✅ What the “mandala of being” is and how people can use this method
✅ How to deal with difficult moments in life, let’s say a divorce, or the loss of a child or job
✅ Why it’s so difficult for people to stay present, and how he encourages people to move towards presence

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