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352 - Alasdair Beckett-King

The Comedian's Comedian Podcast


The inter-dimensional ABK is a brilliantly original comic with a penchant for wordy intelligent material that leaves no-one behind. He’s also the creator of the most absurdly wonderful animated trailer for an Edinburgh show you’ve ever seen.We talk about why he never likes to be part of a group; attention to detail and the merits of commitment; and gives his thoughts on how we get to the A-timeline…20 minutes of extra content available exclusively to members of the Insiders Club include Alasdair gives a fascinating example of using jokes as a means of hiding internal mechanics when scripting video games, and ponders potentially falling between the two stools of arty and club comedy.  Go to for this and much, much more.Catch up with ABK:www.abeckettking.comThat incredible trailer: Stu's up to:Stu offers remote talks to business on what the distilled wisdom of over 350 comics can teach you about resilience, especially in times of pandemic!“The most inspiring talk I’ve had in years!” (LEGO staff member)Find out more at www.comedyinsights.comThis podcast is @ComComPod on twitter and instagramwww.comedianscomedian.comStu also co-hosts the “Child Labour" parenting podcast with Sindhu the latest episode with Sara Barron is a BELTER!)Mondays 9pm BST - "The Infinite Sofa" chat showTop celebrity talent (previous guests include Dara O'Briain, Sarah Millican and Russell Howard) join Stu and 12 members of the public, in an increasingly cult-like live online performance experiment.www.infinitesofa.comTuesdays 8pm BST - "Chops" Online comedy  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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