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Nice Games Jam: "Roboston! (part 2)"

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Your nice hosts return to Roboston in a first for the program, revisiting and expanding upon on a previous Nice Games Jam game! Ellen conjures some frightening scenarios, Stephen and Mark work the numbers, and everybody loves conditional formatting. See the original rules in the show notes for Roboston! (Live at 2D Con 2020) Check out our cool spreadsheet of game cards and notes! Astral Gunners is available in Early Access, go get it! Weird Alchemy - Board Game Geek Bagger 288 - Wikipedia Prompt Create a game where you are working together to construct a robot, but each player has a secret task they are trying to get the robot to complete along the way. Game type Tabletop game Player count 3 - 8 Materials Deck of Robot Parts Deck of Player Roles Deck of Objectives 6-sided die Rules Patch Notes! New Roles: Turtle: have more DEF than any other value AND complete the objective. Generalist: All stats within 5 points of each other AND complete the objective. Specialist: One stat is 7 points greater than the next highest stat AND complete the objective. New Objectives: GIANT MUTANT TREE ATTACK - It's 'leafing' downtown a total mess! Stats required to beat: Off: 21, Def: 16, Int: 8 ALIEN INVASION - They're slimy and they have the wrong number of eyes. Stats required: Off: 13, Def: 21, Int: 16 BAGGER 288 - This mining robot has gained sentience and is scooping up the suburbs! Stats needed: Off:13, Def: 13, Int: 23 WEAPONIZED WIND TURBINE - Green, scary energy! Stats needed: Off 15, Def 15, Int 15 In this episode we tried for a longer game by increasing the number of robot parts to 2 Body Parts, 2 Head Parts and 8 Limb Parts. To create the part stats, we gave them a random number between -3 and 5 of Offense, Defense and Intelligence. Feel free to make your own!

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