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The 10 Dysfunctions of Product Management


Rapid iteration, A/B testing, and growth hacking—these buzzwords have everyone’s attention in product management today. But while they dominate the current discussion, something even more significant has been lost in their limelight: long-term value creation for the customer.Product advisors Rajesh Nerlikar and Ben Foster believe that consistently delivering meaningful outcomes requires a deep understanding of your customer’s definition of success. Combine a bold customer-centric vision with a practical execution strategy, and you have a recipe that reveals product development priorities and the pathway to innovation.Purchase a copy of Build What Matters on Amazon.This podcast is brought to you by:Digital Ocean is a cloud provider that makes it easy for entrepreneurs and startups to deploy and scale web applications with no issues and unplanned costs. Get started for free at is a new podcast brought to you by Atlassian. Teamistry is the chemistry of unsung teams that achieve the impossible. Season two begins on September 21st. Subscribe today. Rocketship is brought to you by The Podglomerate. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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