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Game Audio Tools and Workflows (with Chel Wong)

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This episode bops! Our guest on the show this week is Chel Wong, an award-winning game composer who has worked on several published and early-access titles, like Watch This Space and Kine. Her work on Kine earned the game the award for Best Audio at Reboot Develop Red 2019. From composing to mastering, we ask Chel to describe her preferred tools and workflows for creating music for games. Also, there is a tense debate—Galaxy or Sunshine? Meta Reboot Developed Red Conference Game Audio Network Guild (GANG) Awards   Mark mentioned that once upon a time in a previous episode, he also talked about using Reaper. "She also cheats a lot." Game Audio Tools and Workflows Category Audio   Games Kine (out on Steam October 19!) Lab Rats (a satirical puzzler by Gwen Bond, formerly Gwen Frey) Tools Reaper Reason FL Studio Focusrite Shure SM57, SM58, SM7b, Audio Technica AT2035 Helm TAL Noisemaker MuseScore Native Instruments: Komplete Native Instruments: Kontact Other Mentions Game Sound Con Chel and her friend Tiffany Otto are going for 120 stars on Super Mario 64! Watch it on Twitch!   Guest   Chel Wong (or Mitchel) is a freelance composer specializing in video games. She's also co-organizer of Game Audio Boston and Head Curator of Audio for BostonFIG. Chel has conducted orchestras and is also a musician, collecting all sorts of instruments to record for her work. You'll regularly find her in the recording studios at Berklee College of Music.   External link Chel's website Chel on Bandcamp Chel on Twitter Chel on Twitch Chel on Spotify Chel on Soundcloud

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