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Inner Confidence


Meditation is scientifically proven to calm your mind and body to help you release habitual negative thinking. This allows you to let go of feelings of insecurity that contribute to low self-esteem.  This week, you'll be guided on a Confidence Journey to begin to accept yourself exactly as you are. This is part of a collection of meditation series focused on Your Inward Journey. You'll focus on tapping into your inner wisdom.   This is part 1 of a 7-part Confidence meditation series, episodes 2138-2144.   THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: You're invited to take part in a Believe Quest where every day this week you are encouraged to try one new thing each day, going a bit beyond your comfort zone.   THIS WEEK'S MEDITATION TECHNIQUES:   Day 1: Visualization to believe in yourself Day 2: Affirmation - "I believe in myself." Day 3: Breathing - Inhale  -  Believe -  Exhale Day 4: Mudra - Maha Sacral  Day 5: Chakra - 5th - inner truth - indigo color - ether element Day 6: Layer the week's meditation techniques together Day 7: Walking Meditation LEAVE A REVIEW + TAKE OUR SURVEY If you enjoy the podcast, please let Mary know by leaving a podcast review.  Help us get to know more about how best to serve you by taking our demographics survey: NEED A LITTLE EXTRA SUPPORT? Each day's meditation techniques shared at: Instagram sip and om Facebook JOIN OUR FREE FACEBOOK GROUP Connect with other meditators on the Daily Meditation Podcast private Facebook group! SIP AND OM MEDITATION APP Join Mary for deeper, longer daily 30-minute guided meditations on the Sip and Om meditation app. Give it a whirl for 2-weeks free! Receive access to 2,000+ 30-minute guided meditations customized around a weekly theme to help you manage emotions. Receive a Clarity Journal and a Slow Down Guide customized for each weekly theme.  2 weeks for access to the iOS version: 2 weeks free access to the Android version: All meditations are created by Mary Meckley and are her original content. Please request permission to use any of Mary's content by sending an email to Resources: Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke and Greg Keller.


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