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In a heavy start to a very fun episode, your nice hosts check in on each other as the COVID-19 pandemic stretches into the fall. Ellen unknowingly makes a timely West Wing reference, and Stephen only allows Mark to tell three Star Trek stories.   You can watch Mark's mini-talk at PAX Online 2020, called "People, too" It was part of a panel on animals in games called "Lovely or Lethal: Will these animals cuddle me or kill me?" If you are looking to stay informed on the latest about the pandemic, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and other news websites are providing extensive daily COVID-19 coverage for free to non-subscribers. Games in Other Media 0:15:25 Ellen Burns-Johnson Category Game Design Gaming Narrative Why I’m not buying the Harry Potter game - Stacey Henley, Polygon "Any news on the IRL, playable version of Nine Kings?" - Reddit ‘The West Wing’ Cast To Perform 2002 Episode On HBO Max To Benefit Michelle Oba… - Greg Evans, Deadline Why 'Edge of Tomorrow' Got Retitled 'Live Die Repeat' - Jack Giroux, /Film List of games in Star Trek - Wikipedia 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' Review: Interactive Movie Falls Short - Daniel D'Addario, Variety Kimmy Schmidt vs. the Reverend Is What Interactive TV Was Made For - Jen Chaney, Vulture Mark talked about the two Star Trek "interactive movies" that were produced in the 90s in a previous episode: "A mean secret that stays in this room." The "horror movie where the seats had creepy touch" that Stephen was talking about might have been the infamous 1950s camp classic The Tingler. Minnesota Fringe The 49 Original Whose Line Is It Anyway? Games, Ranked - Luke Winkie, Vulture It makes more sense in context... Online Play 0:52:57 Stephen McGregor Category Game Design Programming Tools Explaining how fighting games use delay-based and rollback netcode - Ricky Pusch, Ars Technica Most people who play video games online experience 'severe' harassment, new stu… - Dave Smith, Business Insider Backend Tools Category Tools Unity Multiplay Steam Multiplayer Overview Photon PlayFab

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