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Release Stress With Grounded Logic

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Release Stress With Grounded Logic Are you feeling a little more stressed than you usual? I have a time-proven and very human way of releasing or at least managing your stress. If you can pause your mind from spinning for a few minutes, try this: 1) Recognize that you are viewing your current situation from an emotional state-of-mind. We all do. However, significant decisions rarely come from emotions. 2) While paused, gather all facts that are driving how you feel. The goal is to understand what is going on in your life logically. 3) Once you separate your emotions from the facts, you will see what is causing your stress. You will also see options for removing it from your life. 4) Now, it’s time to commit to taking action to remove what is causing stress - even if it scares you. Always check your emotions with logical thinking. When you do, a plan will emerge, and stress will disappear. Try it today.

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