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The Music of Mars Patel

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

TV & Film

We get a lot of requests from listeners who want to know where they can hear the Mars Patel music all by itself! So we decided to release an episode that takes a look behind how the music for the show is created. Mars Patel co-creator Chris Tarry takes you behind the music he creates with his musical partner Shawn Pierce, and then lets you hear all the music all by itself in one big chunk. So hold on to your hats, it’s a deep dive not only into the music of Mars Patel, but the secrets behind the music for some of your favorite TV shows and Movies. Great listening for the entire family! Stream the rest of seasons 2 & 3 over at Or, you can order all three seasons in a beautiful commemorative boxset, or season 3 by itself at: - You can also head straight over to our friends at CDBaby to pick up your copy.Follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out more great audio adventures at: Mars Patel is written, produced, and created by Benjamin Strouse, David Kreizman, Chris Tarry, and Jenny Turner Hall.

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Mars Patel Book Available Oct 6th! Exclusive Interview!

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