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Media Influences (with Xalavier Nelson Jr.)

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Narrative designer Xalavier Nelson Jr. enters the clubhouse to discuss the need for game designers to curate influences outside of games, the Half-Life 2s that weren't, the XCOM that wasn't quite, and some things that were! Also, advice for criminals. Game Devs of Color Expo Media Influences Category Game Design IRL Narrative Frog Fractions Has Done It Again--Here's How To Access A New Sequel - James O'Connor , Gamespot Destiny 2: Forsaken Brings Back Paul McCartney's Very Bad Song From the Origina… - Caty McCarthy , USgamer Paul McCartney Announces ‘Hope for the Future’ Vinyl Release With ‘Thrash’ Remi… - Daniel Kreps , Rolling Stone Development of Half-Life 2 - Combine OverWiki The death and rebirth of Duke Nukem Forever: a history - Ben Kuchera , Ars Technica That XCOM FPS Isn't Dead. And It Isn't an FPS Anymore - Evan Narcisse , Kotaku Reuse Everything - Xalavier Nelson Jr. , GDoC Expo Guest Narrative designer with credits on Hypnospace Outlaw, Can Androids Pray, SkateBIRD, and more. Currently making An Airport for Aliens Currently Run By Dogs, aka "Dog Airport Game", and writing comics. External link Twitter Patreon

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