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Nice Games Jam: "Roboston! (Live at 2D Con 2020!)"


Your nice hosts recorded a live Nice Games Jam episode at 2D Con 2020! You can listen to the edited audio of the recording here! You can find the video of the live recording here! Prompt Create a game where you are working together to construct a robot, but each player has a secret task they are trying to get the robot to complete along the way. Game type Tabletop game Player count 3-8 Materials 1 Deck of Robot Parts 1 Deck of Player Roles 1 Deck of Objectives 1 Die Setup Deal out an even number of Robot Parts to each player, and one Player Role. Then draw the first card in the Objectives deck for the team's objective. Rules Each player has a Player Role, this is their victory condition. Example roles: Warmonger: have more offensive value than any other value AND complete the objective Scientist: have more intelligence value than any other value AND complete the objective Saboteur: cause robot to fail the objective On each turn, each player places a Robot Part of any type face down. There are limits to how many of each type of Robot Part will fit on a robot (in the episode we went with one body part, one processor and four limbs) Each part is simultaneously revealed once everyone has chosen their card. If each part can be placed with no conflict, start the next turn. If their are some parts in conflict, roll a die to determine who's Robot Part is used. Continue until there are no more available parts to place on the robot. Whoever has completed their victory condition wins!


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