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Programming VR Games (with Jonathan Jennings)

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Your nice hosts are joined by another nice guest! Jonathan Jennings is a games and XR engineer out of California. In this episode, the Clubhouse hears from Jonathan on the state of VR—programming and design challenges, industry updates, and what we might expect from VR experiences in the near future. Also, we discuss how VR fighting games make us tired, our favorite Ninja Turtles, and who really invented the internet. Jonathan Jennings Category Programming Here's a full list of topics and relevant links from this week's episode. Additional articles and such are below. Enjoy! Magic Leap Galactic Bar Fight (in development, by our nice guest) Locomotion options in VR (for players, for devs)  Weapons systems and physics in GORN (probably NSFW because it’s a “ludicrously violent VR gladiator simulator”) Oculus Connect 4 - Accessibility in Games conference session VR development on macOS ADB for macOS Matt Gravelle episode (137) GearVR/Daydream end of life Pokemon Go VR Chat Facebook Horizon GORN - No Weapons Run (again, probably NSFW) Tumble VR on PlayStation VR Drunken Bar Fight (Steam, PlayStation, Oculus) PS5 DualSense controller haptics The Thrill of the Fight (boxing simulation game)   Lessons Learned from Five Years of VR Locomotion Experiments - Paul White , Gamasutra Google is discontinuing the Daydream View VR headset, and the Pixel 4 won’t sup… - Adi Robertson , The Verge Samsung is killing its VR applications now that Gear VR is dead - Mariella Moon , Engadget Mark mentioned an earlier episode with Unity development expert Matt Gravelle. Running An Indie Studio Guest Jonathan Jennings is a software engineer located in southern California, USA. He has over 7 years of experience in professional software development, 4.5 years in games and 3 years in VR / AR / MR space. "Jonny J" has been a part of the development and release of over a dozen published titles. As of September 2020, he’s working on his debut as a solo gamedev with Galactic Bar Fight, a VR shoot-em-up game “coming soon to a cantina near you.” You can find him all over the Web on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Behance, and Quora.

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