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Ep 468: Gear Dump with Trail Kreitzer

Warning: The following content may contain elements that are not suitable for some audiences. (Explicit / Mature content)


Welcome to the Rich Outdoors podcast. This week we wanted to feature some of the gear we are excited about, testing, and just how we think about what to bring from hunt to hunt. What better than the guy who tests gear constantly for the Gear Shop Trail Kreitzer. Trail and I have pretty similar opinions on gear but there are definitely differences. This is a great conversation around what things to spend money on and maybe what things could wait until next year. I tend to be more minimalist and embark the theory that if I probably won’t die without it, it doesn’t get put in the pack. We also spend some time walking through how we each prioritize what new gear to spend money on each year. Hopefully you get some ideas for last minute things in this episode. I will say the gear shop has an amazing selection of western hunting gear if you are in need of some items. There are some things I buy from goHUNT and some things I just order on Amazon, and I think both are great places to look for gear. Trail’s Gear List  GoHUNT Gear Shop  Amazon Food List Backcountry Fuel  Show Notes:  Intro – Gear Overview – 0:03:11 Balancing Quality & Cost – 0:09:30 Quality Gear Essentials – 0:17:24 Gear Lists, Systems, & Trip Load – 0:23:46 Food Prep – 0:31:49 Tents & Shelters, Charging Systems – 0:40:55 New Gear – 0:54:04 Archery Setups – 0:58:43 GoHunt Online & Closing Thoughts – 1:16:33 This podcast is brought to you by Maven Optics. In my opinion Maven is the absolute best bang for your buck when it comes to buying quality glass for hunting. I have been running Maven’s for year and have been nothing but impressed with them. I love that Maven is small Wyoming based company, and love supporting what those guys are building. Maven is a direct to consumer optics company and because they take the middleman out of optics they can offer an absolutely amazing product at an insane value. If you are in the market for some new bino’s or a spotting scope I highly recommend considering Maven  Built.  I run the B.2 11×45 and on any hunt that I am glassing a lot I will have my b.5 18×56’s as well. Let me tell you 18’s are a game changer. If you are considering getting a set of 15’s, I would highly highly recommend looking at the 18’s, its one of my favorite pieces of gear these days. The B.5’s are just amazing, and actually really soon they are supposed to launching a 10x and 12x in the B.5 as well which is cool. Go check them out at Use the Code TRO-GIFT at check to get a free gift with your purchase of any Maven Optics product. This episode of the podcast is made possible by Backcountry Fuel. Backcountry Fuel box is the one subscription box you are actually going to love getting. Whether you are a hard-core backcountry hunter or a mom who doesn’t like to go to the store. Having snacks delivered to your door is great for hunting, or just taking the kids on a bike ride. It simple, always have great snacks, you get to try out new things, and you never have to leave the house, its a win win win really. If you want the box, and you want access to our exclusive Patreon Content, you can get the a monthly box with essentially free Patreon by going directly to and signing up for the Fuel Box tier. It is literally the cheapest option for the box and you ge...


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