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The Human Brain

The Infinite Monkey Cage

Science & Medicine

Brian Cox and Robin Ince look at the amazing capabilities of the super-adaptable, ever-changing human brain. They are joined by US talk show host Conan O'Brien, and neuroscientists David Eagleman and Gina Rippon to find out how the 3lb organ that sits in our skull allows us to live on every corner of the planet, adapt to any habitat, allows us to argue with each other and ourselves and think about ideas such as free will. They learn whether being a successful comedian is really down to having a brain disorder and how the connections we make in our brain are changing and forming throughout our life, not just when we are young, so you really can teach an old dog, or human, new tricks. And talking of old dogs, a surprise guest makes a genuinely unexpected, special appearance! Producer: Alexandra Feachem

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