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179: The Future and Past of Web Typography with Jason Pamental

The Big Web Show


Long-time (since 1994) web design practitioner Jason Pamental, author of Responsive Typography from O’Reilly, is Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest. For more than an hour, the two designers geek out over responsive typography, the history of type on the web, and the explosive creative potential of the new variable fonts. Multiple Masters. FF Meta. Storing the offsets of the curve points. The three second timeout. Why FOUT is a feature, not a bug. Compensating for the differences between the web font and the backup font. The tragedy of Typecast, the new hope of Figma. Adidas. Nick Sherman. Paula Scher. Mandy Michael. And more. Links for this episode:Hi, I’m Jason | Responsive Web TypographyResponsive Typography: Using Type Well on the Web: Jason Pamental: 9781491907092: BooksVariable Fonts | Responsive Web TypographyThe evolution of typography with variable fonts: an introduction | Responsive Web TypographyAbout Jason | Responsive Web TypographyJason Pamental (@jpamental) | TwitterVariable Fonts Experiments - a Collection by Mandy Michael on CodePenThe New School: Year One — PentagramDavid Jonathan Ross (@djrrb) | TwitterBello | TypekitAn Event Apart: Orlando 2018 Special Edition Web Design & UX ConferenceFigma: the collaborative interface design tool.Design with web fonts in the browser - TypecastAmbientLightSensor - Web APIs | MDNJason Pamental – MediumJason Pamental on CodePenjpamental (Jason Pamental) · GitHubJason Pamental (@jpamental) • Instagram photos and videosvery able fontsBrought to you by: .TECH Domains (Visit the link and use the code TBWS to get 90% off on 1 & 5 year registrations).

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