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184: Accessibility is not a “nice to have” – with Derek Featherstone

The Big Web Show


Why do companies de-prioritize accessibility? Making a digital map accessible to the blind. Pros and cons of the straw test. Why simulating a disability is not the same as working with disabled people. Using Twitter threads to prototype book chapters. How diversity (including neurodiversity and diversity of ability) makes for a better product. Changing small habits in your life leads to changing big ones. Links for this episode:Derek Featherstone (@feather) | TwitterLevel Access - Digital Accessibility Software, Services, Training - Level AccessExtreme Design by Derek Featherstone—An Event Apart VideoAccessibility for Web DesignUX Foundations: AccessibilityGucci blackface sweater: Gucci removes $890 "blackface" sweater, apologizes after receiving backlash - CBS NewsTranscript for Big Web Show Episode #184 with Derek Featherstone (MS Word)Transcript for Big Web Show Episode #184 with Derek Featherstone (Accessible PDF)Brought to you by: Honeybook (Visit and enter promo code BIGWEBSHOW to get 50% off your first year). Robinhood (Robinhood is giving you FREE stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint to help you build your portfolio. Sign up at

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