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187: On beyond Pantsuit with Mina Markham

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Front-end architect and speaker Mina Markham is Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest. Mina discusses her career path, her work at as a senior engineer at Slack, how she came to create the Hillary Clinton UI pattern library “Pantsuit,” her time at IBM, helping others and inviting women of color into STEM fields, becoming a public speaker in spite of deep introversion, a recent South African safari, air travel, conferences, the joys of visiting Italy, and more. Enjoy a relaxed and illuminating glimpse into the life of a private and highly creative person. Links for this episode:Mina Markham, DeveloperMina Markham on Twitter (@minamarkham)Mina Markham on GitHubMina Markham on LinkedinSassy StarterFront Porch ConferenceSlackSlack on TwitterMina’s storyBuilding Pantsuit – the Hanselminutes Podcast by Scott HanselmanBlack Girls Who CodeGirl Develop ItBrought to you by: Blockstack (The Blockstack ecosystem is hard at work and we’d love to have you, learn more and get started at

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