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289 - Deborah Frances-White


Creator and host of the Guilty Feminist podcast, Deborah Frances-White is a phenomenally energetic woman on a mission. A former Jehovah's Witness, she now leads her own army of followers, employing the machinery of business to liberate and entertain, and to inspire genuine activism. We explore how improv conquers repression, go into detail on the genesis of her extraordinary podcast and its roadmap for the future, and she exhorts the listener to make your own model.Extras available only to members of the Insiders Club include two incredible pieces of advice: one on how to pass pretty much any interview for anything, and the other on how as a comedian she nipped bitterness in the bud. Plus some truly brilliant coaching on why and how to create your own model for success.... Join now at Her movie Say My Name is out on 23rd April, go to guiltyfeminist for tickets and | @DeborahFW | guiltyfeminist.comGet tickets to my new tour dates at or on any of the following venues below: 27/04/2019 Plymouth Barbican9-11/05/2019 Soho Theatre, London 05/10/19 Edinburgh Stand (early show – 5pm)11/10/19 Northampton Royal and Derngate25/10/19 Teignmouth Pavillions26/10/19 Swindon Arts Centre04/11/19 Nottingham Glee Club05/11/19 Birmingham Glee Club08/11/19 Bristol - The Comedy Box at the Hen and Chicken04/12/19 Aldershot - The West End Centre25/01/20 Corsham - The Pound Arts Centre01/02/20 Newcastle Stand (early show - 5pm)02/02/20 Glasgow - The Stand07/02/20 Farnham Maltings28/02/20 Cambridge Junction @comcompod | Charity Gig...


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