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Footnotes: Vagina 101

My Dad Wrote A Porno


After many of you requested it, Jamie and Alice help answer James' questions to learn more about the vagina. For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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Warning: The following content may contain elements that are not suitable for some audiences. (Explicit / Mature content)

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Footnotes: Rocky Changed My Life

Jul 26, 2017
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S3E10 - 'Ken Dewsbury's Cellar'

Jul 30, 2017
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Footnotes: Nicholas Hoult

Aug 2, 2017
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S3E11 - 'Cock-A-Doodle-Flew'

Aug 6, 2017
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S3E12 - 'Butch The Sunburnt Kid'

Aug 13, 2017
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