Who we are

We specialize in creating highly produced audio content across multiple categories catering to different interests and demographics. Our creative team is made up of highly experienced professionals who are behind some of the region's top interview and narrative driven content. These include Hay El Matar; an audio drama depicting everyday life in a fictional suburb of Damascus.

We are passionate about developing high quality audio content by partnering with brands, agencies, and broadcasters to produce highly engaging, story-focused shows that contain unobtrusive, integrated advertising campaigns that listeners will enjoy. Our studio features top of the line equipment and is designed to cater to large multi-cast audio drama productions. Our regional infrastructure consists of experienced voice talents, actors, hosts, influencers, professional sound designers, and more.

Podcasting production MENA



Karim Beidoun

Co-founder / Head of Production

Karim is head of production at Hakawati, and is the showrunner on most of our podcasts. He has almost 20 years of experience in music production, sound design, and audio engineering. Since 2015, he has worked extensively on multicast audio drama productions such as the BBC’s Hay El Matar.


Joy Khoriaty

Co-founder / Head of Tech

Joy is the Jedi Tech Master at Hakawati. He enjoys virtual walks on the beach.


Gina Abou Hamad

Co-founder / Art Director

Gina handles all Hakawati social media visuals and campaigns, as well as creative concepts. She is an art director with years of experience in publishing.


Boz Temple-Morris

Executive Producer / Creative Consultant

Boz is a London-based producer & director of audio drama, workshop leader and a consultant in creative strategy and storytelling with 20 years experience working with broadcasters, NGO's and companies.


Yasmeen Turayhi

Marketing Consultant

Yasmeen is a Product Marketing Executive and has taken over 200 software products & features to market across various growth stages. She comes from a diverse background with experience in finance and energy to payments, blockchain, healthtech, adtech and marketing technology. She holds a seat on the Board of Directors of TechWadi.


Luke Pellegrini

Business and Media Consultant

Luke is an Emerson College Master's graduate in Organizational Communications. He started his career at MTV and Viacom and has since been an active entrepreneur founding multiple businesses at the intersection of tech and media.


Nadia Michel

PR / Content

Nadia is a magazine editor, writer and the founder and designer behind TMR, a collection of inspiring, stylish and useful unisex accessories that include necklaces moulded from the teeth of prehistoric sharks. She is the host of The Men’s Room, our first English podcast.


Rayane Abou Jaoude


Rayane is a Beirut-based journalist and communications specialist who has covered a wide range of stories from culture, the arts and food to politics, security and refugees. She is the host of Khilqit Binit, a podcast that explores the work of prominent women in and from around the MENA region.


Sandrine Atallah


Dr. Sandrine Atallah is a renowned Lebanese psycho-sexologist and hypnotherapist. She is the host of Sex Talk, a podcast dedicated to debunking myths and taboos relating to sex and sexuality.


Ghenwa Kaedbey


Ghenwa is a story producer at The Voice Arabia. She is the host of Awwal Shi Bonsoir, a comedic social commentary podcast that targets Arab youth.


Joelle Challita


Joelle quit the corporate world and big city life to pursue her passion for energy healing. Her life's purpose is to awaken those who have forgotten their inner power and guide them to create the life of their dreams. She is the co-host of Taqat Hob, a podcast dedicated to spreading light, love, and spiritual awareness.


Mireille Hammal


Mireille is a certified Reiki Master, a motivational speaker, writer, and blogger. She is the co-host of Taqat Hob, a podcast dedicated to spreading light, love, and spiritual awareness.