What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law
Professor Elizabeth Joh teaches Intro to Constitutional Law and most of the time this is a pretty straight forward job. But with Trump in office, everything has changed. Five minutes before class Professor Joh checks Twitter to find out what the 45th President has said and how it jibes with 200 years of the judicial branch interpreting and ruling on the Constitution. Hosted by acclaimed podcaster Roman Mars (99% Invisible, co-founder Radiotopia), this show is a weekly, fun, casual Con Law 101 class that uses the tumultuous and erratic activities of the executive branch under Trump to teach us all about the US Constitution. Proud member of Radiotopia from PRX.
Radiolab Presents: More Perfect
From the producers of Radiolab, a series about how the Supreme Court got so supreme.
#LovinLebanon Podcast
#LovinLebanon is more than just a hashtag, it's a way of life in Lebanon, Indiana. The #LovinLebanon movement looks for, and highlights the things that make Lebanon, IN great! The #LovinLebanon Podcast serves as a behind-the-scenes, informal look at various endeavors taking place throughout the city. Current and upcoming projects, citywide events, organizations, and establishments are all featured here. Have a question for a city official? Have an idea for a segment? Want to get your organization or business featured? Drop an email to: LovinLebanon@Lebanon.IN.gov
Words & Numbers
Words & Numbers touches on issues of Economics, Political Science, Current Events and Policy. Each Wednesday we'll be sharing a new Words & Numbers podcast featuring Antony Davies Ph.D and James Harrigan Ph.D talking about the economic and political aspects of current events.
Scouting Stuff You Should Know
Everything you should know about #Scouting in #Canada, and occasionally other places.
The facking generation
"We used to own this town, share our hearts for better, when the hero´s down, we take it back togheter" En podd om livet i allmänhet, ungas arbetsmarknad och facklig kamp. Vi är barn av vår tid. Podden har sin bas i Jönköping men tar upp ämnen som är viktiga för hela landet. Ingen annan än vi själva tar ansvar för vårt snack. Vi som poddar är: Alexandra Östhed, fackligt förtroendevald, Lekeryd. Leder podden. Christina Cato, verksamhetsassistent Handels avd 9, Jönköping. Jens Rundlöf, organisatör på Byggnads, Jönköping. Bernie Sanders, hund, Huskvarna.
Colchester's 2019 Town Plan Audio Experience
Hello and welcome to Colchester's 2019 Town Plan podcast. We hope to provide you with a brief take away of what you may have missed from our Town Plan meetings. If you would like to attend the next meeting or want to know more information, check out all our details at tinyurl.com/2019TownPlan
Movie Minutes with Robin Holabird
Robin Holabird reviews the latest films showing in the Biggest Little City. Catch this commentary Fridays during Fresh Air, between 2:37 and 2:47 p.m.
This Week in Law (MP3)
Join legal blogger (and trained attorney) Denise Howell discuss breaking issues in technology law, including patents, copyrights, and more. Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Highly Relevant with Jack Rico
‘Highly Relevant with Jack Rico’ is a US Latino podcast for people who have an interest in American pop culture with a Hispanic twist. From movies to music, television and media, this podcast provides critical analysis of how US Latinos are influencing and reshaping mainstream pop culture. Join host Jack Rico, TV host, film critic and entertainment journalist on the TODAY show, for incisive commentary and thought-provoking interviews on where US Latino entertainment landscape is today.
Pod Save The Queen
Meghan Markle's wedding to Prince Harry has given the royal family trans-Atlantic appeal - and injected new energy into The Firm. Follow the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they build their new royal life, William and Kate as they adapt to Prince Louis joining George and Charlotte, the Queen and all the rest of your favourite royals. Expect behind the scenes details, fashion, travel and a smattering of politics as the royals represent Britain abroad.The show is brought to you by host Ann Gripper and the Daily Mirror's royal team. Follow @MirrorRoyal for all the latest royal news.
The NPR Politics Podcast
The NPR Politics Podcast is where NPR's political reporters talk to you like they talk to each other. With weekly roundups and quick takes on news of the day, you don't have to keep up with politics to know what's happening. You just have to keep up with us.
Competition Lore Podcast
Competition in a digital economy is a new frontier. Featuring regular cut-through interviews with leading thinkers, movers and shakers, Competition Lore is a podcast series that engages us all in a debate about the transformative potential and risks of digitalised competition. Join Caron Beaton-Wells, Professor in Competition Law at the University of Melbourne, to tackle what it means to participate as a competitor, consumer or citizen in a digital economy and society. Competition Lore is produced by Written & Recorded.
One Billion
A behind-the-scenes podcast about the way change happens. One Billion features a tiny team with big ambition: to positively impact one billion people on the planet. Brought to you by Civilla.
Vancouver Consumer
Hosted by Stirling Faux, Vancouver Consumer introduces you to local products and services. We’ll share our experiences, tips, reviews, and recommendations. Tune in on Saturdays from 2pm - 4pm as we investigate all sorts of industries, including real estate, finance, travel, retail, and more.
More than 154 million treasures fill the Smithsonian’s vaults. But where the public’s view ends, Sidedoor begins. With the help of biologists, artists, historians, archaeologists, zookeepers and astrophysicists, host Lizzie Peabody sneaks listeners through the Smithsonian’s side door, telling stories that can’t be heard anywhere else. Check out si.edu/sidedoor and follow @SidedoorPod for more info.
Middle East Focus
Weekly discussion of Middle East policy, arts, and culture, featuring experts from the Middle East Institute in Washington, D.C.
Aqua Culture
The variety and amount of fish we eat is shaped by history, culture and perception. Despite the uneven media coverage of the aquaculture industry, farmed fish is not only consumed more often than wild-caught, but the amount of farmed fish both eaten and produced is also set to increase year over year to ensure our growing population has food for the future. Join Contessa Kellogg-Winters of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council — the leading global certification for socially and environmentally responsible seafood — as she speaks to leaders in the seafood industry about their work, and a variety of issues impacting the dynamic aquaculture industry. If you’re curious to learn more about seafood, the issues and impacts associated with food production and how we choose the fish we eat, tune in to the Aqua Culture Podcast each month.
Slow Burn
Leon Neyfakh excavates the strange subplots and forgotten characters of recent political history—and finds surprising parallels to the present. Season 1 of Slow Burn captured what it felt like to live through Watergate; Season 2 does the same with the saga of Bill Clinton’s impeachment.
Political Gabfest
Voted “Favorite Political Podcast” by Apple Podcasts listeners. Stephen Colbert says "Everybody should listen to the Slate Political Gabfest." The Gabfest, featuring Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz, is the kind of informal and irreverent discussion Washington journalists have after hours over drinks.
In the war on terror, who is it that we’re really fighting? “Caliphate” follows Rukmini Callimachi, who covers terrorism for The New York Times, on her quest to understand ISIS. For more information about the series, visit nytimes.com/caliphate. This series includes disturbing language and scenes of graphic violence.Producer: Andy Mills; Reporters: Rukmini Callimachi and Andy Mills; Managing Producer: Larissa Anderson; Editors: Wendy Dorr and Larissa Anderson; Associate Producer: Asthaa Chaturvedi; Technical Director: Brad Fisher; Executive Producer, NYT Audio: Lisa Tobin; Editorial Director, NYT Audio: Samantha Henig; Assistant Managing Editor, NYT: Sam Dolnick; Music: William Brittelle, Andy Mills, Nate Henricks, Cliff Martinez, Brad Fisher, Taku Sugimoto and David Wingo
War on the Rocks
Great discussions with security, defense, and foreign policy experts recorded over drinks.
Winston Churchill once said, "To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war." Brad Carson, a former senior defense official and congressman, hosts 'Jaw-Jaw' -- an interview series on the world's greatest geopolitical challenges. Each season focuses on a different challenge and features interviews with the top thinkers and leaders working on that challenge. Our first season is on China. This podcast is brought to you by War on the Rocks (https://warontherocks.com).
Rewilding Earth
Rewilding North America
Sounds Good with Branden Harvey
Sounds Good With Branden Harvey is a weekly podcast hosting hopeful conversations with optimists and world-changers about the unique experiences that drive them to use their influence for good. Episodes are released every Monday.